Samman Sewa

We firmly believe that no family or society, where there is no care and respect of our old people, can flourish. Our old age persons are our valuable assets and not liabilities. Hence it becomes prime responsibility of each and every young citizen of our country to look after, provide best care and pay due respects to parents / senior citizens


our vision and mission is to ensure that each and every senior citizen of our society is properly looked after, well cared, not deprived of their rights and due respects is paid to them. They do not face any kind of helplessness in last phase of their life.



Mata Pita Samman Sewa Trust organized various types of welfare programs, activities by providing social, moral and financial assistance to helpless and poor parents for betterment for their live hood. We also manage to provide to deserving, needy poor parents cloths, food, day care facilities, and other articles required by them. We help them to get medical/healthcare and legal assistance as and when required.

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Support our cause for social responsibility towards ealders, Let's join the movement.

Respect your parents

Old age home is an option not a solution, Be with them and get blessed.


We will be Councelling and meetings for responsibility towards parents.


Mata Pita Samman Sewa Trust’s birth is synonymous with Sponsored Walks with school children. Special events were organized in the early formative years, where school children walked for the cause spreading awareness on the importance of being sensitive to the needs of the elderly. More than one lakh children took part in the SAVE program held in IITF 2015. Where around 18000 appreciation certificates have been distributed amongst the young visitors of this fare in pragati maidan, who insured and signed the promissory form. Our patron in chief Dr. O.P. Yadav and Dr. Dinesh Tripathi have always encouraged and inspired us in this noble cause. Whom much of the credit for the formation of Mata Pita Samman Sewa Trust goes, was the pioneer of Sponsored Walks in India.


Current Events

Maa Ki Rasoi

During Corona pandomic lockdown observed an issue of bread and Butter. So quickly started Maa ki Rasoi to enjoy food for poor.

Food grains distribution for Needy

Distributed food grains through different channel and directly also through different areas in Ayanager and Delhi South West.

Corona Counselling and Training

Conducted many training and counselling during lockdown period on how to get safe and healthy in this pandomic sitution.

Project at glance

To operate recreation center cum counseling center for old age persons, where old age people come, spend time, play games and do various recreational activities. This helps them reduce their mental stress and remain away from different mental and physical disorder. This way they would remain happy and conflicts with their family members would reduce. Some times old age people are found abandoned by their kins, in a highly depressed and stressed condition. They are found in such a mental state that they can’t even reveal their own identity and address. We try to get them recovered from such shock and slowly and gradually try to bring them in their proper wits. This process is highly time consuming and effortful. With this kind of special care we succeed in finding out their identity and address. Subsequently we get such old age people reunited and rehabilitated. In this process the food, clothing, medical assistance, shelter etc is provided to these beneficiaries. We do counseling these old age people along with their children to get re-united through our family counseling sessions. We are also required to conduct follow-up actions on all the cases which are handled by us to ensure the conditions to remain intact.

Medical support for Sr. Citizen

Free Medical and health camp at South Delhi Ayanagar aashram.

Entertainment for all

Senior citizen entertaintment and social engagment.


Social awareness to individual about different sociaty issues and problems.

Why MATA PITA SAMMAN SEWA TRUST Is Different From Other Organization?

This process enables us to achieve overall betterment of helpless parents. We believe that rehabilitating old citizens in old age homes is all right but we prefer to reunite such citizens with their own families. Reuniting the families compare to rehabilitating is much better option in all the aspects, be it social, emotional, psychological or economical. This will reduce the economical pressure on our government too.


Senior Citizen Benefited


Medical Support for Senior Citizen