There’s an ever growing number of the elderly people in our country. Simultaneously the country is undergoing major economic and social changes which are directly impacting societal norms and changing family mores are separating joint families, forcing the elderly to fend for themselves. With pressures on the younger generation increasing in academics, technology enhancement and exposure and engagement with the virtual world, the definition of physical time and spaces is rapidly changing. More time is spent today online than actual physical interaction with people. This is adversely affecting the older generation and increasingly, the elderly suffer from isolation and neglect. In order to counter this growing problem change needs to take place at the formative stage. The way to do this is to start young at the school and college levels.

Most elders in India are unaware of not just their rights and entitlements, but also of the existing government welfare schemes. Mata Pita Samman Sewa Trust organized Meets of Elders to generate awareness about various government schemes they are entitled to such as those related to old age pension, health insurance and food security. More than a thousand meetings were organized with Senior Citizen’s Associations in urban areas. Mrs Prema Devtalla who is engaged in various kinds of public welfare social activities in Masi city of Almora district in Uttrakhand also took an active part in this Senior Citizen Rights and Life Safety Awareness programme campaign. During this campaign in hill areas around 83very backward villeges like Mohona, Bhagoti, Chilna, DhamDewal, Ganai, Khanuli, Kabdoli, Khanuli, Reethachaura, Nougaon, Noubara ,Doula, Pali, Dangarkhola ,Uttamsani, Kameruwa, Sira, Timtha, Dhoongadhara, Shimpaani, Malla Agar, Talla Agar, Garsyari, Basbheera, Mahakaleshwar, Maha tGaon, Nagaad etc were surveyed and the needy Aged n their relatives had been awared well about their rights, entitleness and the available Govt Schemes for them by which they were absolutely unaware. The Trust’s volunteers also distributed around 300 adjustable walking sticks amongst the needy and very poor Senior Ciizens met over there.

In India, 62.60% are blind due to cataract. Mata Pita Samman Sewa Trust steps in to help those needy elderly affected by cataract. Under a program that screens elders for cataract and conducts remedial surgeries where needed. All surgeries are performed under medical supervisions in top class facilities and never in make-shift camps. This ensures aseptic conditions and prevents post-operative infections. After an overnight stay for most patients, it is almost like seeing the world with a fresh pair of eyes. They no longer have to depend on family support and can begin to live a life of self respect and dignity. Through cataract surgeries, Mata Pita Samman Sewa Trust wishes to create cataract-blindness-free zones. Mata Pita Samman Sewa Trust also organized various kind of health check-up and treatment camps time to time as per need of the beneficiary aged.